Patrick V. Minervini
Medical research has identified extended periods of sitting as a major risk to good health. Stand’nSit Workstation is the solution. 
Create a standing work environment – at work or home 

Our Mission
​StandinGoodHealth is focused on providing simple, affordable solutions that help individuals take control and improve their environment, shifting to a healthier lifestyle. 
Our goal is to help individuals get out of the chair and move to a less sedentary, healthier way to live.

​Our Challange
There is wide agreement among medical researchers about the health issues related to sitting for extended periods. At the same time modern technology, both at work and at home, results in almost everyone spending extended periods of time in front of computer screens and entertainment devices – primarily while seated. The problem is clear: there is a need to provide access to the tools used for both jobs and hobbies while providing the mobility required for good health. StandinGoodHealth is a direct result of this challenge.

Our Owner
Solutions to problems like this require creativity coupled with the background and experience not only to visualize solutions but, also, to turn those visions into a reality.

The founder of StandinGoodHealth, Pat Minervini, personifies these traits. Pat has a long history as an athlete and a consultant who helps other athletes resolve biomechanical challenges to their performance. He has been particularly successful in the competitive cycling arena where the geometry of the human body and the bicycle must be understood and integrated. In addition to his history in competitive athletics Pat has extensive experience in both industrial and artistic design. In short, he has the tools to create an effective, and attractive, solution.

To ensure easy adoption StandinGoodHealth products have been designed to integrate easily into current work and home environments. In addition, they are economical and easily portable. StandinGoodHealth is the result of a problem finding the right solution.

StandinGoodHealth is family-owned and operated right here in Littleton, CO. 
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