Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?
NY Times (April 17, 2011)

The Hazards of the Couch
NY Times (January 12, 2011)

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Key Facts
• A growing body of medical research is showing that sedentary behaviors, like sitting for extended periods during the day, is bad for your health. This is a new field of research and has been named “sedentary physiology” to distinguish it from “exercise physiology”. 
• Regardless of the amount of exercise you do in a day, periods of sitting, whether at work or in front of the TV (“screen-based activities”), are now being related to negative health outcomes. The daily walk, run or gym session won’t protect or compensate for the ill effects of sitting. 1
• The muscle inactivity associated with sitting appears to shut down the body’s process for clearing fats from the bloodstream. This leads to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. 2
• Extended periods of sitting seems to have an undesired effect on waist size – the more you sit, the larger your waist. 3
• Adding standing to your work routine can increase circulation, muscle tone and feelings of energy. It can also burn extra calories – up to 80 extra calories an hour and offer productivity benefits.
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