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“I made the switch to standing several months ago and haven’t regretted it one bit. The Stand’nSit unit is convenient, attractive, economical and is a much healthier alternative than sitting all day. What a great addition to a healthier work environment!, Thank you StandinGoodHealth for such a great product!

Thomas M. Boh, CFP®
Vice President
Private Wealth Management
Robert W. Baird & Co.

One user shares her experience
Theresa Letman
Verus Global
“I enjoy my Stand’nSit workstation. My favorite part is the flexibility. It is so simple to switch from sitting to standing that I never hesitate to change from sitting to standing during a given day.”

Jason Letman
Independent Real Estate Consultant

“I have been using the Stand’nSit workstation since January 2011. As suggested, I worked up from a few hours of standing to a full time schedule. I now stand to work and sit to talk on the phone. I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy level at the end of the day. I have also noticed that I make better use of my workspace and I feel that I am working more efficiently. My co-workers, and I all have soccer balls we use to elevate one foot while we stand and work on our StandinGoodHealth workstations. To add to the office team culture, occasionally we will kick around our footrests while at our workstations. It is just a more energetic office, which helps reduce the mid-day yawns and extra coffee breaks. It was a great investment in my health. I am very happy with my workstation.

Kim Church
Private Wealth Management
Robert W. Baird & Co.

“My new Stand’nSit Workstation is wonderful! The first thing I noticed after it was installed was that my desk had been revamped. I have more usable space and better organization because of it. After a couple weeks of stand up computing, I noticed two more important changes: first, my back and shoulders no longer hurt at day’s end; and second, I feel more energy and thus productivity. I rarely use the sitting position at the computer anymore, usually I sit only when I receive a phone call. And, my keyboard is out of harm’s way, because my coffee cup or water glass stay under the workstation!
StandinGoodHealth, this is a fine product. I am very pleased.”

Patricia Muscari
Life Coach for Widows
Your Future Within, LLC

“Wow…possibly one of the most significant changes I’ve made recently in my life. Feel better all day, have more energy and less discomfort. It’s been about 8 months and I wish I would have made this change years ago. I’d recommend this to anyone who, like me, is searching for better health and more comfort with a job that used to require far too much sitting. I’m now addicted to standing in good health!”

Peter Costanzo
Marsh Inc.

“Including the demo time, I’ve been using my standup desk for about 4 months now and I just had to take the time to write you about the results.
This has truly changed my life. My knees, my back, my shoulders, my neck, my energy level, my sense of well-being – all dramatically improved in those 4 months! I hardly sit at all now during my workday. I even find myself eating breakfast standing up (at home).
Thank you so much for your creation. I hope to purchase one for a very close friend for Christmas.
You’ve made a difference!” 

Judy Bederman

“The neck and shoulder nerve pains I have been experiencing for several years have disappeared since I started using this product about two months ago. I highly recommend that anyone with similar ergonomic issues give this a try.”

Marc Morneault
Service Installation Manager at Alstom Power – Hydro

“I have the good fortune to have and use one of your Stand’nSit workstations and would like to congratulate you on a superbly designed product. As something of a fitness fanatic I am aware of the recent studies that document the health issues associated with extended periods of sitting with little or no movement. As a photographer who spends considerable time doing digital photo retouching while sitting in front of a computer screen I certainly am a candidate for the health issues identified in the studies. Since installing the workstation, and using its capabilities, I find a great improvement in terms of reduced fatigue and joint stiffness.
In addition to the health aspects I have found several benefits that were somewhat unexpected. First, for whatever reason, I find standing to use my digitizing tablet for photo retouching to be far more comfortable and effective than sitting. Conversely, heavy keyboard activity – spreadsheets, etc. – is done quite comfortably when seated. The ease with which I can change positions allows me to always use the most comfortable and productive configuration. Because of its adjustable stand I am able to change positions without moving my monitor. Consequently, I can move from sitting to standing in about ten seconds. In addition, by adding the side extensions and riser I have greatly increased the size and efficiency of my workspace.
Thank you very much for an economical solution to a number of workplace issues. I highly recommend the Stand’nSit Workstation.”

Dennis Morris
President CMinus Images